About Irrigation
Tips for Efficient Irrigation

Here are some tips for reducing the cost of operating and maintaining an irrigation system:

  •  Know how to run your irrigation controller and change watering times.
  •  Adjust the watering times (number of minutes) and the frequency of watering (daily,
    twice a   week, etc.) based on weather conditions.
  •  Change your settings to adjust for seasonal differences and reset the timer when
  •  Ask your contractor to install an inexpensive rain shutoff device.
  •  Regularly have your system maintained by your contractor for leaks, broken heads
    and other problems.
  •  Only water after the sun has gone down or in the early morning.
  •  Make sure your spray and rotor heads are properly adjusted to avoid watering
    pavements and other non-landscape areas.
  •  Water areas in the shade about 30% less than sunny areas.
  •  If possible, use drip or maxijet irrigation to water trees and shrubs.
  •  Develop a separate drip or maxijet watering schedule for trees, shrubs and flower

If you have an existing irrigation system and have never really thought of the maintenance of
the system, then you should know that maintenance protects your investment.  Proper
maintenance and scheduling are an important part of an efficient system.  Contact us for a
maintenance contract proposal to ensure that your system is efficient.
The Benefits

An appropriately maintained irrigation system can be the most efficient way to keep a
landscape healthy.  The benefits include:

  •  Reduced labor for watering
  •  Convenience
  •  Full landscape coverage
  •  Easy control over irrigation timing for watering
  •  Added value to your home or business property
  •  Minimized plant loss during drought

The irrigation industry is rapidly developing new technology to make irrigation more efficient.  
"Smart" technology, like systems with climate-based controllers, automatic shut-offs, and flow-
control nozzles are beneficial.

With irrigation systems that deliver exactly the right amount of water at the right time to the
lawn, plants and trees, you can be assured of efficient results.  The irrigation industry offers
affordable technology and reliable options for water conservation and efficient water
distribution to protect your landscape investments.
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