Quick Fix Tips
What should I do if a sprinkler head is broken?
Turn run time for that zone to zero.  Replace head or call for service.

I turn the station on at the controller but no water.
Check power on controller. Next check valves on vacuum breaker to make
sure they are open.  Still no water? Call for service.

Do I need to install a vacuum breaker if I am going to
put in a sprinkler system at my house?
Yes. Code requires a vacuum breaker be installed on all sprinkling

What time of day should I water?
Early in the morning so that the cycle will be completed by breakfast time.
We only recommend a second time during the day if it is extremely hot or
you have areas with steep slopes.

What should I do if the sprinklers are on and the
controller is off?
Chances are this is a more involved problem than with which a
homeowner can deal. Simply turn the main water supply valve to sprinkling
system off and call for service.

Water seeps from one sprinkler. Is there something
wrong with the sprinkler?
No. Water will drain through the lowest head until the pipe empties. If the
seepage does not stop, the problem is with the valve that controls that
sprinkler zone. The problem could be as simple as a small piece of debris
inside the valve. Warning: Shut off the water supply before disassembling
the valve.  If you are unable to locate the zone valve in question, call for

One zone continues to water after the cycle is
complete. Is the controller broken?
Probably not, but to make sure, pull the power cord from the wall, removing
power from the controller. If the water continues to run, the problem is with
the zone valve. If the water stops, the controller is at fault. Double-check the
programming.  If it is the zone valve, call for service.
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