Services We Provide
  •    System Inspections
  •    Maintenance
  •    Renovations
  •    Repairs
  •       Installations
  •    Rid-O-Rust Systems
  •    Landscape Lighting
  •    Drainage
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System Inspections:
We go through each zone and check each and every head for possible leaks,
clogs, if they need to be raised, straightened, breaks in the pipes, adjustments
to all heads, check and update the program on the controller, give a report of
issues and findings and suggest ways to resolve them.

We will design and install a brand new irrigation system that will provide the
best coverage for all of your lawn and plant material.  We can use a well, pump,
reclaim water, or city water as the source for your irrigation system.  

This is a service performed by contract only.  We will schedule a visit once
every month, bi-monthly or every quarter to do a complete
system inspection of
your system and repair all damages, clogs, leaks, and make any adjustments as

Small Add-ons & Renovations:
Add on additional heads or zones to the system as your landscaping need
changes.   Restore your system to full working order if you had an addition or
pool put on your home and the irrigation system needs to be restored around
the new part of your property or if your system is 10 years or older we can
restore it so that it works like brand new.

Rid - O - Rust Systems:
Installation of this amazing system will inject the proper amount of chemical that
will eliminate the iron in your well water, which will then eliminate the ugly
staining on your home, plants, driveways and walkways.  If you have ugly
staining from your irrigation system and would like to learn more, please visit

Done throughout the season.  Repairs range from a leaky head, broken head,
broken pipe, clock malfunction, etc.
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Quick Fix for immediate self repair tips.

Landscape Lighting:
Installation of low voltage light fixtures that highlight, shadow, enhance and
secure your landscape and home.  Landscape lighting will create a beautiful
appearance to your home when the sun is down for all to see.  It allows you to
show off your home and your landscape, while also serving as a security
measure to make you and your family feel secure.

Installation of professional drainage for your house will keep a lot of excess
water away from the foundation of your home and will keep your lanai and pool
area from being flooded from heavy rains.  If you're having a drainage problem
around your home, contact us for a free estimate.

Our services include system inspections, equipment upgrades, monthly,
bi-monthly and quarterly maintenance programs, small add-ons, complete
system restorations and repairs.  We adjust and replace heads or add on
additional heads to the system as your needs change.